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DIGITALLY REMASTERED by QED, Each of these superb studio recordings captures the essence of Denise’s magical workshops, but offers the benefit of an even greater personal and intimate listening experience.

The combinations of Denise’s soothing voice and specially composed music make the meditation processes on these tapes some of the most powerful and effective you will ever hear. The beautiful music throughout these tapes has been carefully crafted to complement Denise’s words and deepen your connection with the guided mediations

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33 Spirit Journeys

The tracks are masterfully produced with wonderful depth of music and sound and are approximately 10 minutes long. These meditations are beautiful nuggets of wisdom and will transport you to another place. Denise gently guides you through each soul/spirit journey and takes you to each place of wisdom. Learn More

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Phoenix Rising
The creative power of the mind can help you attain health, relaxation, abundance and vitality. Activate the power of the subconscious so that positive thoughts banish negativity. Use the power within yourself to become the person you have always dreamed of becoming. Learn More
Way of the Drum
In ancient cultures, the reverberating echoes of drum beats carried the shaman into mysterious inner realms. The sound of the drum was also used for healing, to bring courage and heightened awareness to the hunter and warrior and by women for sacred inner journeys...
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Past Lives and Beyond
It is now time to step off the karmic treadmill! We are now in a time of rapid and intense growth with tremendous potential for individual fulfillment. There is a resurgence of old issues. Almost every problem in your current life has its roots in the far past...
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Secrets and Mysteries - The Glory and Pleasure of Being a Woman
Secrets and Mysteries will give you a profound understanding of what it means to be a woman. Full of passion, mysticism, and practical information, it will inspire and enable you to tap into the source of your power and the depth of your soul... Learn More
Dreams are the passageway into the hidden world of the subconscious mind. Through guided meditations you can learn how to harness your dream shield and meet your dream guide. Discover how to use your sleeping time to bring joy, love and excitement into your waking life. Learn More
Journeys into Past Lives
Understand how past lives work and affect your life and relationships. Travel back into the womb and beyond, and learn how to release past lives and the traumatic hold they have on you.
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Cellular Regeneration - How to Heal
Learn how to regenerate your body on a cellular level by reading the blueprint of your body that is encoded in each cell. Unlock the secrets of the DNA helix and create a template for healing.
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Complete Relaxation
Denise Linn’s guided relaxation processes can help you to attain peace and happiness. This distillation of ancient and modern techniques can lead you into a state of deep relaxation and profound contentment.
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Life Force
Learn how to swim in the ocean of energy that surrounds us all. Denise Linn’s guided processes can alter your body’s etheric biochemistry, allowing you to tap into enormous reserves of natural energy as you attune yourself to the frequencies of our beautiful planet. Learn More
Weight Loss and Cellulite Reduction
Being overweight can be caused by certain thoughts and feelings! Release the blockages these cause and you can have the body you desire without resorting to artificial ’solutions’ dependent upon drugs, pills or dieting. Learn More
Angels! Angels! Angels!
Angels are all around us! Denise Linn will guide you through processes that will allow you to meet the Guardian Angel who is your personal comforter and friend, call Healing Angels and Cherubs into your life, and connect to the Angelic Forces latent within you.
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