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Book Reviews

The following are a sampling of reviews about Books from Denise Linn.

Books by Denise Linn

Praise for "Sacred Space"

Get out your highlighter. This is a book you'll underline in a hundred places. It is filled with practical, proven techniques for managing energy. Drawing upon the wisdom of Ancient cultures, Denise Linn writes with knowledge and a beautiful, clear style. I recommend this book for anyone whose intention is to bring heaven and earth together in every way possible, starting with the personal environment."
—Gloria Karpinsky
Author of "Where Two Worlds Touch"

This fascinating book will open your eyes to powerful energy fields that can be used to create harmony and love in your home, your head, and your heart."
—Susan Jeffers, Ph.D
Author of "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway"

Praise for "Four Acts of Personal Power"

Each person, no matter what his or her life circumstances, can help make the world a better place for future generations. In this book, Denise Linn presents bold and visionary methods that create a powerful blueprint for a positive future."

—Deepak Chopra, M.D.

"[A] powerful book . . . This work is satisfying at the deepest level of our being. . . . Each of us has the power to heal and transform our legacies and leave the world a better place."

Author of "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom"

"This helpful and hopeful book explores four acts of personal power that can positively affect the future. . . . By honoring your ancestors and empowering your descendants you can make the most of the transformative power of the generations."
—Values & Visions Magazine

Praise for "Quest:
A Guide for Creating Your Own Vision Quest"

"For all you goal-driven souls longing to discover life's purpose, confront fears, find spiritual power within, and heal emotional wounds, here's a unique 'travel guide' to help you create, carry out, and succeed."
—NAPRA Review

"A practical guide . . . After reading Quest, it's clear that vision quests have had a profound and powerful influence on many who have undertaken them. . . . If you're searching for an experience that will enable you to learn more about yourself and your relationship with everything around you —Linn's arguments are compelling."
—Boulder Planet Review


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