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Phoenix Rising

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Phoenix Rising
a weekend dedicated to creating a joyous future filled with vision, clarity and joy!


No matter what your past has been, you can create your life anew . . . bright, shimmering and glorious! In this weekend workshop, you will step into your radiance. Discover how to illuminate every aspect of your life and create an inner vibratory resonance that aligns with your dreams . . . so they can come true!
Over two days, you will experience deep healing and rejuvenation, clearing inner limitations from your body and mind. You will encounter your higher self and your spirit guides as a plan is developed for your future.
The DNA spiral is like a spring—when it compresses photons are released. These photons are light particles . . . your light-force. What would happen if you were able to, even more deeply, align your light-force with the powerful light-force that governs the universe? Learn to enter into the light-force of creation to generate the life you desire.
Throughout history people with the ability to access the light-stream of manifestation energies were called shamans, medicine women, visionaries, healers, and oracles. Today, this knowledge is available to everyone, but is mastered by few. Discover your potential for this art of shaping the fabric of creation by learning to form the nonphysical light-force counterpart to your dreams. Learn to match your energy vibration with the energy of that which you desire. 
 Whatever you have secretly harbored and wanted, you can finally take the first step to achieving it, in a place of safety and comfort. Please bring a journal, and a written statement of your precise desires as the springboard for your journey.

In this course you will:

  • Take a magical tour through your past (and into your past lives) to release limitations that are blocking your inner radiance 
  • Crack the light-code of your existence and develop a deeper relationship with your spiritual source
  • Clear your DNA energy attachments to activate your light body and embrace bliss. 
  • Release your desire into the light-stream so that your dreams manifest easily and effortlessly with delight and joy
  • Be graciously led to the place where the powerful nonphysical beings—your spirit guides, angels, totem allies, ancestors—that love and support you, meet to develop your future
  • Discover how to live a life of purpose, on purpose . . . with laughter and humor!
  • Activate and shape the subtle vibrations that bloom into the physical reality surrounding you
  • Meet that deepest part of you that knows all and guides your life’s path.

With the activation of your inner radiance, you will plant your desires into the fertile soil of your soul. By the seminar’s end, your intention will be clearly taking root and already growing toward physical manifestation in your life.
There are mystic stories of the Phoenix in cultures as diverse as the Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Egyptian, and Native American. In all of these cultures the Phoenix is identified with the sun and light and life renewal. This is your time to rise and SHINE!

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