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Special Workshops

Red Lotus Mystery School

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Red Lotus Mystery School
Discover the gift and majesty of being a woman

In this certification course you gain a profound understanding of what it means to be a woman. You will tap your power as a woman at the depth of your soul, and you’ll activate your passion, innate intuition, divine feminine nature and inner radiance. Discover ancient wisdom to become a magnificent embodiment of strength and grace---in other words to become, even more, an empowered glorious woman. Additionally, gain skills to lead others on their personal journey to fulfillment.

Denise works in a gentle, kind, warm way that invites you to explore your inner realms.

1. Tracking the Unseen:

  • Track the unseen and reach into inner Universes
  • Become a compassionate chalice carrier
  • Step into mysteries of the goddess
  • Secrets of the shamaness
  • Discover the goddess aligned to your personal frequency
  • Find your personal spirit animal and allies
  • Discover the invisible patterns that shape your life
  • Healing your spirit, awakening your passion
  • Dreaming your life into being: the mysterious realm of dreams

2. Sacred Purification

  • Tracing and clearing your female bloodline
  • Journey into past lives to clear blockages in your present life
  • Clearing unneeded energy strands from your energy field
  • Learn powerful methods to space clear your home and environment
  • Sound clearing, smudge clearing
  • Facing your shadow
  • Awakening your warrior woman
  • Being a courageous woman

3. Initiation and Celebration

  • Initiate and celebrate your ecstatic life force
  • Secrets of feminine radiance and intuition
  • Embrace your sumptuous, sensuous self
  • Activate the glory and pleasure of being a woman
  • Understand sacred sexuality, embrace your sumptuous self
  • The art of adornment, nurture your body
  • Activating sparkling confidence, grace, and self-esteem
  • Mystic cooking, living a delicious life
  • Vibrant creativity: sacred dance, transformative writing, spirit art, integrative jewelry making, creating a medicine bag

4. Womanly Enchantments and Spells

  • Sacred uses of water, flowers, and essential oils for enhancement
  • Cherishing and healing your body
  • Womanly art of altar making
  • Moon ceremonies
  • Crystal Sound Healing
  • Life transition ceremonies
  • Drumming your soul: a goddess tradition
  • Deeper energy of spells" and "enchantments"
  • Sacred art of renewal and relaxation
  • Learn how to read oracle cards

5. The Quest

  • Participate in a Vision Quest
  • Hear the voice of the sacred divine feminine spirit
  • Find your true name
  • Renew and rebirth your life
  • Activate your inner wild woman
  • Vision seed your future
  • Shapeshifting
  • Sacred initiation into the Red Lotus Sisterhood

Become a certified Red Lotus Secrets and Mysteries" teacher and practitioner.

Courses you will be certified to teach:

  • Finding the Goddess Within
  • Discovering your Animal Ally
  • Vision Seeding Your Future
  • The Art and Power of Altar Making
  • Red Lotus Goddess Jewelry Making
  • Prayer Sticks and Miracle Boxes

Also, be certified to:

  • Lead ceremonies for life transitions (i.e. marriages, births, and deaths)

One-on-one coaching: Inner Journeys to the Mysteries of the Goddess.

With a rich tapestry of information, inner journeys, activities, relaxation and meditations you step into the timeless lore of the feminine experience

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