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Upcoming Events & Appearances

"Soul Coaching" on Hay House Radio
Tuesdays 10am - 11am Pacific Time
Join Denise each week as she welcomes callers to the show and uncovers their true selves in this informative, entertaining, and enlightening hour...
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Elemental Space Clearing®
Six-Lesson, Online Space Clearing Certification Course with Denise Linn
Would you like a career that can make a profound difference in the lives of many? As a certified Elemental Space Clearing® professional, not only will blockages and barriers in your life mystically drop away, but also you'll bring incredible blessings into the hearts and homes of others.

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SHiFT Charlotte
Charlotte, NC
Friday March 24 & Saturday March 25 2017

Full Day Pre-Conference Intensive

The Ultimate Journey®

In this experiential workshop embark on a powerful initiation to jump start your future. In no small way, your life is the result of the inner beliefs and programming which are lodged within you. In this remarkable program, I will help you to determine exactly what is limiting you and then help you to dissolve your inner limitations and blockages in order to allow you to initiate your natural life force energy and your spiritual radiance. When you clear blockages, miracles abound!
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Saturday Keynote
Past Lives ~ Present Miracles
Have you ever wanted to know who you were in a past life? Have you ever wondered how your past lives are affecting your current life? Did you know that you can use your dreams to "see" your past lives? In this dynamic seminar, you’ll meet your Past Life Guide and travel back in time to experience (and heal, if necessary) a Past Life that’s directly influencing you today. Also, learn what incarnations you have shared with loved ones.
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Saturday Full Conference
Limitless opportunities to expand your network, your circle of friends, your team of professionals, and your knowledge and tools for seizing the best life imaginable! In addition to my keynote; there will be 5 additional speakers, 100 mind body spirit vendors, 20 psychic readers, and a full day of free interactive activities to choose from.
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Unleash Your Creative Genius!
Charleston, South Carolina
March 24 - 26, 2017

Join Meadow Linn (Denise’s daughter) and special guest presenter Denise Linn in Charleston, SC for an unforgettable writing and photography workshop!!

Whether you’re a published author, a frequent journal writer, or someone who only picks up a pen to write thank-you cards, this workshop is for you. With carefully-crafted activities that are fun and sometimes outrageous, you’ll ignite your inner muse to unleash a wellspring of creativity. From wandering through a 400-year old cemetery to watching children frolic in Charleston’s iconic fou`ntain, at every corner you’ll find inspiration for your photography and your writing. You’ll learn foolproof strategies to captivate your audience with your first sentence and how to wow with your gorgeous pictures.

Sunday afternoon, Denise Linn, the author of 18 books translated into 29 languages, will share her 47 years of experience to teach you how to take your kernel of an idea and grow it into a meaningful piece of writing. She’ll share her writing process and little-known secrets for spreading your message. Translate your passion into a career that fuels your joy! You won’t want to miss this opportunity to work with Denise in such a small, intimate setting.

At the completion of this weekend retreat, you’ll have a body of work you can use to start a blog, submit to a magazine, or use as the basis for your next book or presentation. And, you’ll go home with strategies for using social media to share your work.
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Mayan Intuition Cruise
April 9-15, 2017
Western Caribbean & visiting the Mayan Riviera

I'm teaching on the Mayan Intuition Cruise with my wonderful friends Lisa Williams, Colette Baron-Reid, and John Holland, as well as a very wise Mayan shaman and more. We'll be traveling through the Western Caribbean and visiting the Mayan Riviera. (This is such a popular cruise that there are only a few places left. Be sure to give my name when you register to be able to participate in a special and moving clearing ceremony). Click here for more information

• Enjoy 7 days of pure bliss, sailing into spiritual awakening.

• Delight in a conference at sea with some of the world's greatest spiritual guides.

• Enjoy awesome spiritual workshops and activities.

• Visit the magnificent tropical ports Grand Cayman, Cozumel, and Costa Maya.

• See ancient Maya pyramids and temples of the Yucatan.

• Participate in an authentic Maya Fire Ceremony with a Mayan Elder.

• Swim in a picturesque tropical 7-color lagoon, and swim in the sea on a horse!

• Practice yoga and sacred dance. Enjoy veg, non-veg, or raw food.

• View the canopy of the Caribbean sky with nightly UFO Watch under the stars.

• Make new friends, gain greater wisdom, and create memories that last a lifetime.

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International Women’s Summit
Phoenix, AZ
May 4-7, 2017

I delighted and honored to be speaking at the the International Women’s Summit along with Elizabeth Gilbert, Glennon Doyle Melton, Lisa Ling, Erin Brockovich, Melissa Harris-Perry and many more powerful presenters. This is a rare opportunity to see so many amazing women speakers all in one place at one time. The three days will be filled with empowering experiences, powerful discoveries, and heaps of magic! I look forward to seeing you there! For more information visit:

Tahiti Cruise: "Enchanted Journey of the Soul"
August 25 - September 2, 2018
A Gateway Dreaming™ Professional Certification Retreat

I'm so excited about teaching this certification course amidst tropical breezes, magical turquoise seas and full moon nights of Tahiti. It feels like miracles will abound. To me the future belongs to the dreamers and I'd love to travel on this journey with you so you can be a Gate Keeper for others into the future. (This is a very intimate group on a very small luxury cruise... the Paul Gauguin. Spaces are very limited. And they often fill a year and a half or more in advance.)

Dreams are the mysterious language of the night. Since the dawn of time, dream weavers have slipped through the gateway between the two worlds to touch the reaches of inner space and reap the harvest of the night. These secret messages from the mind can foretell your future, reveal your past, and warn you of danger. They can contain creative inspiration or assist in melting the barriers in your life and can serve as a doorway to the mystic arena of the night for inter-dimensional travel and communication on the inner realms with loved ones. They can be a springboard for night healing, astral travel, emotional healing and soul searching.

In the seven days cruising through luscious tropical waters, and ever forward into the future, you will awaken the dreamer within... to listen to the oracle of your heart and the truth of your soul. And also become certified to be a dream coach and teacher. Welcome to a sacred journey into the depths of your being. Welcome to Gateway Dreaming™.

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