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Soul Coaching

Soul Coaching® Testimonials

The following are a sampling of the testimonials about Denise's certification program "Soul Coaching®". If you are considering becoming a soul coach, please also read reviews from clients of Soul Coaching® graduates.

Denise's Soul Coaching® course is a truly transformational experience. Denise shares her wisdom, experience and creativity with great generosity. She is one of the truly great teachers of our time. My experience of the course was personal growth on a level I would not have believed possible. Participants form strong friendships, which will continue for a very long time, sharing experiences and offering support.

I arrived home with everything I need to start building my Soul Coaching® practice with confidence, and the knowledge that support will always be available. This method of coaching goes way beyond the normal status quo, changing lives gracefully taking direction from the client's deeper needs.

It is a privilege to work with Denise Linn.

Wilma Mottram
Sussex, England

Being a successful professional healer for the last 24 years, I have searched for and attended seminars and workshops that would hopefully empower and motivate me to be able to help others in a way that would have a profound and immediate effect. I was usually disappointed. That is, until I completed your Soul Coaching® program. With my training and certification, I received the most valuable gifts from you: the training, the motivation, and the confidence to start my soul coaching practice as soon as I returned home from the training. This was truly what I was searching for! As a result, I have decided to sell my veterinary practice (a profession I dearly love) to my associates, and I plan to start my Soul Coaching® practice immediately. Thanks to you, my dream to help others globally is now a reality! I can't ever thank you enough. You are truly one of the most inspiring and enlightening masters I have encountered!

Scott Griffith, DVM
New Orleans, Louisiana

For the first time in my life, I can understand what others mean by 'reaching the depth of your soul'. By going through (Denise Linn's) Soul Coaching® course, I was able to move to a new level, assessing my environment and myself from the point of truth and without guilt nor judgment. The course gave my soul the freedom it needed to be true to myself.

Soul Coaching® has instinctively become a way of life for me as well as a career! Denise, I send you much Love and Light for having the wisdom to create and share Soul Coaching®!

Thank you from the bottom of my soul!


Sue Couri
Feng Shui Consultant and Teacher
Springfield, Illinois

One fundamental tenet of Denise Linn's comprehensive Soul Coaching® program is the proposition saying, "Your soul loves the truth".

Denise is an outstanding teacher and an exceptionally wise and warmhearted woman. In an inspiring and loving way, Denise teaches the truth of her own soul by creating a safe and holy space that has made it possible for me to come into my own truth.

I have never come across a more comprehensive program for inner and outer cleaning and renewing, and participating in the Soul Coaching® certification seminar and practicing the program has forever changed the direction and quality of my life.

Hermod Nordby Hansen
Clinical Psychologist
Moelv, Norway

Dearest Denise,

How can I begin to say thank you! Your love, your energy, your hospitality, your attention to detail, your coaching, your teaching, your friendship, your laughter . . . I could go on and on listing the many gifts I received during my time at Summerhill Ranch and I still wouldn't begin to scratch the surface of how grateful I am for my week in your home. You have such great gifts that you share so abundantly and with so much love. You are truly a blessing to all that come in contact with you. Your wisdom and knowing activates wisdom and knowing in others.

You have touched my soul at a depth that very few have reached. Your authenticity and love of life sparked something in me i thought had died and that I wasn't sure was ever going to be reborn. Since returning home i am different. Friends are even telling me I've changed at an energetic level and I know that to be true. I feel as if a heavy weight i have been carrying is gone and i can plug back into life knowing I will experience joy and wonder and a compelling future.

And since returning home I've been eating much less and have even lost a couple of pounds of "protective" weight i gained over the past few years. My time with you has brought so many new dimensions into my life, it's truly amazing.

Much Love,

Kristi Peterson
Executive Television Producer
Atlanta, Georgia

Dearest Denise,

I feel so very honored and privileged to have taken Soul Coaching® Training with you - the feeling is almost overwhelming! You created such a sacred space, filled with nurturing, compassionate love, as well as an energizing vitality that fed my soul to the brim, and more.... Words seem so small compared to the vastness of this incredibly enriching and inspiring course. My life will never be the same. You have inspired me to really live my life to the fullest potential of unlimited love, joy and gratitude - now that's something to share with the world!

In Heart,

Alicia Mary Smith
Journeys to Inspire
Travel Guide for Spiritual Journeys around the World

"I just think that there aren't the words in the English language to describe the power and results of this program or the beauty of your soul and the way you conduct this wonderful training."

Wendy Burnell
Santa Clara. California

I came to Denise's class at a time of major transition in my life. Three people I loved very much died within a short period of time. I had to put my precious dog to sleep and the business I had worked for for 25 years closed down three days before Christmas. I was despondent and truly lost. I had no direction in life.

I thought to change my beliefs and clear my blocks would be painful and difficult. With Denise's love and laughter, I made major shifts easily and with a lot of fun and joy it was the best week of my life!! I was reborn and awakened.

Debby Barry-Interior Alignment Consultant, Designer
Rockville, Maryland

What an extraordinary experience!! My professional skepticism almost always precedes my path of spiritual guidance. I was facing a professional roadblock, a mindset I could not seem to creatively alter. My intention for seeing Denise at Summerhill Ranch was to break through and crystallize my next step. Denise's immense capacity for spiritual and professional guidance was superb. Her structured sacred ground and insight allowed my mind and soul the opportunity to jump out of the same old box and view a new mindset. An energetic identity shift that has enabled me to re-program my feelings and thinking processes, therein empowering me to step up and be proactive without fear of judgment. Thank you Denise for your amazing grace and wisdom. It will follow me always.


Vicki Lundin Taylor
La Quinta, California

Want to do yourself a wonderful favor? Simply stated—spend time with Denise Linn! Truly the most amazing spiritual teacher I have ever known. Denise has the ability to touch your soul in a casual conversation in ways that leave you wondering, “How did she do that?” To witness her, lovingly and gently guiding others to themselves, by accessing their soul's truth, was miraculous; and as a “Soul Coach,” an ability I will aspire to develop.

Put 15 women and 1 man together for eight days and what do you get? The most accepting and loving environment imaginable! These are people I will never forget—each one offering a special gift to the group—sharing their stories so we all could grow and learn.

Summerhill Ranch is a remarkable place, and the perfect setting for the intense training received in the “Soul Coaching® Certification” course. I could go on and on with praise for Denise and the Soul Coaching® course, but since I love “key words”, I thought I'd close with a few that sum up the experience.

Love, acceptance, truth, celebration, wisdom, tradition, cutting edge, expansion, confidence, and more LOVE!

Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Kelly LaVine
Champlin, Minnesota

Dearest Denise,

Over the years I have read, heard or said the phrase..."That changed my life" rather glibly and without really feeling it. Now I TRULY know what it means. My time with you and the awesome group of fellow Soul Coachers absolutely DID change my life. I feel a clarity, a peacefulness and a sense of purpose I have never felt in my entire life. Thank you, Denise, for making us feel so completely nurtured and trusted. You created an environment of complete love, trust and natural beauty and that allowed us to open up in ways unimagined before. It was like meeting your Spirit Guide in person - ahhhh!

I also came home (that was a shock-no one cooking for me, sigh) and SHARED my feelings with my husband. I went through my Soul Mission collage with him and opened my heart about each part of it. He wrapped me in his arms and told me that I was allowing the person I have I have kept inside to emerge and that it was beautiful for him to be a part of the process.

In my heart I know this Soul Coaching® Certification has changed me on so many levels...I have made friends for life, I have found a sense of direction for this next part of my life, I have realized that I already have SO MUCH and have renewed my sense of gratitude, and last, but not least, I am now dedicated to sharing this fantabulous method of finding the answers inside of yourself with others.

Words are just not enough to convey how full my heart is. Thank you, Denise, for sharing your LIFE with us and trusting us to go forth with your life work. I would urge anyone who feels called to this work to make it happen, do whatever it takes to follow this dream and watch the doors open!

With all my love,

Kathy Dannel Vitcak CSC, CPLC
Owner of fishing lodge and breeder of alpacas
Certified Soul Coach and Certified Past Life Coach
Pinewood, Minnestoa

"Do you want your life to be richer, deeper and lighter at the same time? Would you like to take the fast track to your heart and soul's desires? Denise Linn is truly a master and if you want your life to be switched on, regardless of where you find yourself, or how you think you want to use this incredible information, taking the Soul Coaching® Certification Course is a miracle you can't miss. From the very first communication to the continuance of community far beyond the wonderful accommodations, meals and environment, this life-changing experience is first class and will send ripples of Magnificence through your world to all those you touch and love. Just do it!"

Fawn Chang
Interior Designer and Feng Shui Professional, Author,
Lecturer, Teacher, Mother & Friend.
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

We have the distinction of being the first family to attend Denise Linn's Soul Coaching® Class. [husband, wife and daughter] Our daughter is 24 years old-I wish I could have been in this “spiritual place” at her age. What an incredible gift!

Even though it took me much longer to experience this journey; I am so very grateful that I did. It is difficult for me to express in words the deep emotions I'm feeling. If your desire is to heal yourself and to help other, I highly recommend visiting Summerhill Ranch. Denise will take you on a journey that far exceeds your expectations!

Nancy Thelen
Marketing Director
Elkhorn, Wisconsin

Denise, I thank you with all of my heart for helping me walk through the gates of transformation. You are the best teacher that I've ever had. The time I spent at your Ranch has enabled me to embrace my power as a woman and enabled me to finally claim my true Divine Feminine within and without. My Soul Coaching® training with you has brought me great insight and profound experiences that were crucial to my life here, now. I am finally at the place where I can truly live and fulfill my life purpose!

My time at Summerhill Ranch has been healing, insightful and life changing. I will carry this place and you in my heart forever!

Rosanna Ienco Barned
Shamanic Practitioner
Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

If you want to get more out of your life in every way; then you must for sure go to Denise Linn for Soul Coaching®. She can let you see, feel and experience what your Soul wants from you and what the essence is. Denise, thanks from the whole of my heart.

Angeliek de Snaijer
Professional Coach
Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands,

I have been on similar courses/seminars before, but the Soul Coaching® Seminar lead by Denise Linn was the most fulfilling experience I have ever had!

I appreciate her rich amount of examples from practical life that really add essence and “flesh between the bones”. She is truly a coach with wisdom and heart and has the ability to help us find our own beautifuland empowering well/power/possibility- to create each create the life we desire. It's wonderful and great to be one of those lucky persons that has been drawn to her wisdom and love! I'm so grateful!!

Pia Ullberg
Master of Political Science, Nurse, Trainer and Leadership Coach

"You have changed my life forever! Hallelujah!!!"

Cynthia Najim
Events coordinator
Jungle Coast Properties
Costa Rica

Denise Linn's Soul Coaching® intensive is just that - an intensive. You will learn parts of your personality that you were not even aware existed. Likewise, you may not know the full impact the course has made on your life until you return to your home and have started the integration process. No matter how much you participate in the daily classes, your life will be transformed, for the better, from that moment on.

Denise is brilliant in bringing total strangers into a place of union as a group, her words of wisdom run deep as does the core curriculum which you practice and practice and practice while there. Go with an open heart and mind and be prepared for the great awakening that is about to occur.

Chris Schreibstein
Massachusetts, USA

I've been searching for answers and found them at Denise's Class, my Soul healed and now I can help others. Truly Inspirational! Heartfelt! Thank you, Denise.

Nicki Fiander-Florist
London, England

My Darling DENISE LINN –

A whole book would not be large enough to express the gratitude, love and joy that overflows from my heart and soul for all the wisdom, teachings and knowing that you passed on to me during my time with you. I am a new woman. Your openness and total giving in all ways has inspired me to live my life as fully and deeply as you, without ego. I will now go forth and share what you have shared with me.

Villia de Koningh
Trust Finance Management
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Of the many spiritual teachers I've studied with Denise is very special. She accepts you, supports you, and heals you like Mother Earth. Her teaching is as beautiful as it is profound and practical. Her teaching is not just a skill, but also a way of life that can expand and enrich your heart.

She sets high professional standards for Soul Coaching®. The immense energy she puts into her work is astounding. At the same time, the workshop is full of fun and laughter.

After the workshop you know exactly what to do and how to build your business. The Soul Coaching® course includes so many useful practices and information that I feel I've done 5 workshops instead of one. But that is not all…even more precious is that Denise shows you a way of compassion and wisdom that will carry you through any turbulence in life. What price can you put on that?

Thank you, Denise, for the gift from your heart.

Liping Feng
Baltimore, Maryland
University Professor of Chinese Literature

The Denise Linn Soul Coaching® Seminar went well beyond my expectations. The attention to detail was astounding and I came away with a very profound understanding of who I really am.

Thank you Denise!!!!!!!

Wendy Kreutzer
Alberta, Canada
Farmer and Intuitive Reader

Hi Denise,

How can I put into words the experience I had at Summerhill Ranch? Impossible. Being able to share days and nights with like-minded people, being able to be my true self, not being judged, being supported, being loved.

Although the Soul Coaching® and Past Life course were very intensive, we still had time to have a good laugh which did my soul a lot of good.

The most amazing thing was not only being with you Denise and the rest of my soul sisters but when returning home the support that is given, the Soul Coaching® manuel, that is a great reference book, the e-group, and the gifts that are a constant reminder of the energy that you put into them.

I love you Denise for sharing your home and your life with so many of us.

Melina Di Santo
Seminar leader

Incredible—Soul inspiring—Transformative. Denise Linn's ability to provide paradise on your Journey; coupled with complete protection and safety allows you the ability to step-up as a light worker and bring forth all that you are to the rest of humanity.

Sheila Robbins
Farmer and Consultant
Alberta, Canada

The nine days [of the Soul Coaching® training] have been moments of continuous miracles. The self-discovery journeys into the desires of my soul and the root causes of my fears and doubts served to heal my heart. I came to study Soul Coaching® with Denise, and I left her beautiful and peaceful Summerhill Ranch with a lifetime of memories, longtime friendships, and clarity of my soul mission.

Thank you, Denise, your warmth and keen insight created a safe place for me to own my power.

Gina Alzate—Major-US Air force
Pennsylvania, USA

How does one put experiencing an abundance of love, joy, introspection, and spirituality into the most descriptive and powerful words to do it justice? There are times people's energy and spirit enters one's life and is forever imprinted in their hearts. For me, my experience with Denise Linn and the Soul Coaching® training will be forever imprinted into my heart, my body and my spirit. It was such a blessing to experience her enlightened energy, wisdom and healing powers. I have been to many professional trainings, by many dynamic teachers, but Denise's availability, generosity, caring and abundance of love is a role model for healing professionals.

Thank you Denise
Annabelle Wallace, PhD, Licsw
Hingham, Massachusetts

Dear Denise,

I find it hard to express in words my experience and journey. It was the most wonderful and exhilarating experience of my life to be cherished by my clients and myself forever…..

I love your unique and personal style of teaching. You empowered me in a way that was filled with love, joy, fun, humor, knowledge and life experiences that will remain with me as a “light worker Soul Coach”-forever.

Heaps of Love, Light & Happiness,

Lorraine Stewart
Sales and Marketing
Queensland, Australia

Denise is the World's best Cosmic Disc Jockey (for creative visualization journeying)

Beam me up Scotty!! Get ready for the ride of your life! Fly on the wings of an eagle, soaring to undiscovered heights. Indeed become the eagle with laser-eyed vision to search within self and others. Then plumb the depths of your soul to unravel the mysteries of the past and beyond.

Denise effortlessly guides the entire group through this intensive journey of their souls, always making sure, like a Mother Bird, that each of her chicks are connecting to where they each need to be at the perfect right time, in the perfect right way, to expand and break-through the clutter that binds their inner beings. Wow, what a privilege to observe, share and personally travel through this experience. Absolutely transforming!

Eternally grateful to be flying high, so aligned and integrated to my life purpose! A power-surge plus a once in a lifetime experience. Go for it!!!

Beverley Prince
Teacher-Special Education and Healer
Queensland, Australia

Denise Linn is an amazing woman and spiritual leader, truly like no other. She has designed a program which helps people create the lives that their spirit desires. This is a perfect example of the "ripple effect" and this program touches lives around the world and will continue to do so because it comes from Denise's desire and open heart to offer healing and renewal to the planet and human soul.

This is a program for anyone who wants to make and create astounding changes in their lives and then return the gift by helping others to do the same."

Angela Skidmore
Austin, Texas

This is a unique, and extremely moving seminar. Denise Linn has both created and founded the soul coaching profession and draws on her experience and her Native American background.

Soul Coaching® is an innovative area of practice which is well grounded in spiritual healing and recent psychological research. This area of innovation is unique as it integrates aspects of healing and thought not usually drawn together.

For my own practice, these ideas symbolize the way forward for how we both understand and begin to address the profound issues of trauma and distress within our societies.

The course and the group were a joy to be part of, through out.

Zoe Dale
Occupational Therapist – Child Mental Health & Senior Lecturer Child Mental Health
London, United Kingdom


You are a teacher who allows people to help themselves find their true essence. You are a blessing beyond words.

Much love,
Lynn Torode
Chicago, Illinois

When I looked into Denise's eyes I saw the deep pools of total spirituality. I saw in her whole being total commitment to her life's path, and deep belief in herself and her work.

I knew before I came to Summerhill Ranch that Denise would be the one being that could help me to progress on my own path. What I didn't realize was, to what powerful extent that would be.

I went through many emotions and past lives. I experienced my soul as I have not done before; found myself; and extended my courage in myself to a limit that I didn't realize I had.

I KNOW that if you are in search of your soul, your soul's journey, your inner peace, your inner self, why events happen in our life, or why you don't understand the way you feel about things, or why you always have a reoccurring illness, then this is the course for you. I believe that the Soul Coaching® Course is what every human being needs to partake in-- a journey that will bring you to the realms of your being. No questions about it!

Thank you, Denise, from the depths of my soul…you are one amazing being.

Love, light and many, many blessings now and always,

Rosalie Gunnell
Queensland, Australia

To find out what you have gained through what you thought you had lost ... is an empowering gift.

Soul Coaching® takes you to who you thought you could never be.

I'm Home!

Kerri Weishoff
Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Amazing…absolutely amazing! The love and energy I felt when Denise collected me from my hotel and gave me a hug allowed my soul to feel safe and welcomed. As a result of the sacred space that she created my soul has been unleashed and I now have the permission to live my wildest dreams, live in abundance and bless the world!

Thank you my sweet teacher. We are amazing!

Ms.Iccha Devi Joplin CSC
Customer Service Rep/Artist
Universal citizen
Chicago, Illinois

Denise Linn radiates warmth, wisdom and a boundless joie de vivre. To be
trained by Denise to be a Soul Coach is both a privilege and a delight.

Susan Woywitka
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Hello Denise, I just wanted to say: I thank the Universe for the blessing of You everyday ... especially during my daily meditations. My Soul Coaching® experience was truly a gift. Denise, you shared your knowledge, experience and love openly with me and I have never felt more comfortable. My time at Summerhill, brought an inner peace and sense of completeness that I had never experienced.

I have thoroughly transformed my life! I am grateful for to you Denise for guiding me on my journey, for helping me to trust in my self and being able to live each day with Spirit. This has enabled me to pursue my dreams. The skills you have taught me allow for walking in both worlds with confidence. Summerhill has helped me learn to trust my own knowing and inner wisdom. These qualities enhance my ability to interact with the sprit world and feel safe and open to the wisdom present there. I can say you have been One of my best teachers, and I have had many.

Lots of love and a big Tahitian hugs to you.

Cynthia Murfey
Property developer

I have just returned from Denise Linn's Soul Coaching® and Past Life Regression Practitioner's course, in California. I am a psychic healer from English with a formal qualification in psychotherapy and analysis. I have taught on a Masters Degree course in Psychotherapy and was involved in the University validation process for that degree with Middlesex University in London UK, and the Society of Psychology and Healing, the training branch of The Marian Association.

I have attended several courses within the field of complementary medicine, and been privileged to meet and be taught by some of the world's current great teachers. Denise Linn is without a doubt one of the world's current great teachers. Her style of teaching is down-to-earth, very human, entertaining, humorous and above all loving. Denise peppers her lectures with the tradition of storytelling, and practical experiential exercises, encouraging students to immediately put into practice the theory.

However, it was the professionalism that struck me most about the teaching and the course itself, as a practitioner's course, the content and delivery was University Degree level. Denise is a professional, and extremely competent teacher, as well as an inspirational, gifted and very special practitioner.

The course is worth every cent! Just being at the Ranch was enough for me!! Denise and David are very warm and generous hosts.

I highly recommend attending Denise's workshops, if you get the chance, if you can't get to see her in person, then do purchase her CD's, tapes or books, in the meantime don't miss her Internet radio broadcasts on HayHouse Radio.

Jane Orr
Psychic Healer

Dearest Denise,

Becoming a Soul Coach profoundly changed my life, and I'm only just beginning to comprehend the far-reaching aspects of that statement. Through your teachings, I've come to more fully know myself, and with every day of the 28-Day Program that knowledge deepens. Knowing my soul and how to access its truths makes life richer. This clarifies what lies within, and the world around. I felt my heart open, then take wings and begin to fly toward my soul's purpose with ease and grace.

Thanks for all you've done to create this program.

Love, light, and of course, HUGS!
Christine Fagerlin

There are so many ways to express gratitude, yet now words escape me... For the journey you guided and nurtured us through, I thank you. For the lessens in love that I take home with me, I thank you. For the sacred space that you have awakened within us all. I thank you.  For the beauty and sacredness of Summerhill Ranch, your home, I thank you.

Each day I awoke with the birds, communed with the “critters.” danced in the sunlight, bathed in the universe. Each night I celebrated gratitude, listened to the pines, bathed in the starlight. 

I laughed more, wept more, felt more during that week than I had in a long dormant time and for this I thank you.

At the beginning of the week I was asked why I was came and my answer was to re-discover life.  And not only have I re-discovered life, but life has re-discovered me, held me, nurtured me, tickled me and opened her heart to me. I know now that life-from this point onwards-will never be the same.  So with love, gratitude and laughter I thank you, Denise, for showing my soul the truth ... and for re-awakening my own truth.

Sarah Taylor
teacher and healer
Channel Islands, United Kingdom

Denise, I wanted you to know the time I spent at Summerhill with you and everyone else was one of the best times of my life.  I can never thank you enough for the opportunities you provided and the changes that are happening in my life.  It is amazing.  You are incredible. The Soul coaching certification Seminar impacted me in so many unexpected ways.  It has changed the way I look at the people in my life but more importantly it has changed the way that I look at myself.  Than you Denise for empowering me to do what I love.  Soul Coaching® is incredible.

Reverend Diane Dillamon
The Church of Natural Grace
minister and counselor
Nevada, USA

Dearest Denise I cannot begin to explain the immense impact that you have bought to my life during the past few weeks.  I know that I now have a sense of calm and serenity in my being that was not there previously.  I also feel powerful and very focused on my life purpose ... which brings me such joy!

I feel that your Soul Coaching® program is the culmination of all that you have experienced in your life and I am grateful to have shared this with you.  The space that you have created with David is out of this world.  You can sense the loving energy that you have put into every part of your ranch and this has created a very space for anyone that visits.  You are generous in every aspect and in far more ways than I can ever have imagined.  Thank you for being such an incredible teacher, for being so humble, impeccable and so full of integrity.

I am honored to be doing your work and truly hope that I can do you proud. Thank you for everything. With love now and always.

Emma Armstrong
coach and counselor
Hampshire, England

Dear Denise,

I have finished my first Soul Coaching® Class. It was fantastic! It is most certainly something that makes my heart sing! I absolutely love it.

I am so thankful to have taken your course [to become a certified Soul Coach]. I remember my first night there, sitting out in the veranda and not being able to speak for fear I would burst into tears. I was so overwhelmed with emotion and so grateful for being where I was!

Sometimes I look at the photos from my time there and my heart is filled with such a longing to be there again. What a special time/place. Thank you so very much for all that you do for others and all that you have done for me- what and honor for me to be one of your students!

I hear your voice, (before each of my classes) saying, “I believe in you,” and  I am inspired to do my very best and give my students the same message. I wrote a poem for my first class and that was exactly how I ended it, “I believe in you!” I wrote What an amazing thing- to be able to provide my students with a piece of what I feel you provided me. Anyway- I could go on and on but I think you know what is in my heart.

Amy Hoagland
mother and teacher
Cambridge, Vermont

Dear Denise,

I don't know how I can ever thank you for all you have done for me. You said on the first day of Soul Coaching® that your intent was to obtain results ... and since I see results in my life, now I know first-hand the power of a clear and animated intent.

You said profound changes would occur...and they have. Bits and pieces that I have struggled with for years have been illuminated and have either fallen away, fallen into place or evolved to support my soul purpose. I am confident that this will continue to happen and I look forward to seeing more of what I call the “Essential Mary Alice”. Thank you for showing us such a glorious example of a powerful, joy-filled woman.

Your Soul Coaching® program is so incredible. You and the environment you created gave me what my heart has longed for. It feels like the piece I misplaced has been returned to me.  And the bonus is that it came all wrapped up in joy, laughter, and love instead of struggle and suffering. With this lost piece, I can stop searching and step forward confidently into the joyful life I've longed for.

Mary Alice Hilker
Fairview Park. Ohio

Attending the Soul Coaching® Certification Course is the best gift I have ever given to myself. I wouldn't exchange this experience for anything. What I have gained from the Soul Coaching course is more than words can say. I know what I have learned is embedded/encoded in my cellular level and in time will surface for the highest good of all.

The course healed and empowered me on many levels. Many beautiful lessons I have learned when I connect with my Soul through Denise's coaching. Denise's teaching is fun, powerful and awesome ! I am very glad that in this lifetime I have answered my inner calling and attended this course !

My heartfelt gratitude to Denise - my spiritual coach, Namaste

Meihui Chua
Business Consultant

It is impossible to communicate the richness of this course, and the extraordinary talent of Denise Linn in guiding people through her Soul Coaching® course in words, simply because of the profound nature of the work that is done by all the people involved.

Her approach to her students is remarkable in the complete nonjudgement that she practices. I have been truly astounded by her responses to people as consistently kind, empathic and deeply insightful- even after a 10 hour day.

Denise's personal and professional generosity, and total integrity is unlike anything I have ever seen in another person. You just don't find balanced people at this level of professional success. She is a leader in this regard.

For me, it was not as much a training course ( although I do intend to do this work with others) as a life preserver......... my own soul needed coaching in order to return to the world in full strength after life changing and protracted trauma.

I can tell you in that sense it exceeded my highest expectations. I am full speed ahead and fast forward to fame. Watch for me in the news. "

Julie Ann Moylan
Legal Advocate, Protector of Children, and Writer
St. Paul, Minnesota

Denise - You are amazing. As I talk to everyone about the training and what I experienced the only way I can describe it, is to say it was a 1000 times better than I ever could have imagined. Thank you, thank you. But now I am truly on a TRUST WALK. The most amazing things are happening. All my coaching clients went on hold, or I have been forgetting appointments. Something I have never done. What this says to me is that it is necessary I IMPRINT what I learned up on the hill, before I move into the doing. I'm into BEING for now. Thanks for always giving us a fresh perspective, and keeping the humor meter high.

Kalena Thiessen
Motivational Speaker, Professional Life Coach
Minden, Nevada

I have found that the 28 days and the training that I and the group have gone through, is by far the most remarkable programme (thing) I have ever allowed myself to do.

I am a facilitator of Personal and Spiritual development Therapies, Courses and workshops who has been in private practice here in England ,United Kingdom for the last 13 years.Even though I have studied Hypnotherapy, became a licensed NLP Practitioner, a Reiki-Seichem Master Practitioner, have Counselling skills in the development in learning, as well as working as a Spiritual Clairvoyant ~ Tarot Reader.

This is by far for me, the most inspirational and enlightening training I have done.!!

The thoughtful gentleness, yet depth behind Denise's wisdom when teaching her Soul Coaching® training is second to none!! I feel I have totally connected to my Soul's wisdom through the beautifully written exercises, the visualisations, and the laughter, honesty and compassion which Denise easily guides each individual / moment with!!

I have learnt to understand myself much deeper and how to live my best life, how to nurture from the depth of my soul, and that through being truthful with yourself Every life lesson has a wonderful Healing gift.

Steve Adair
Healer, Intuitive
Essex, England.

Denise Linn is a remarkable, loving and genuine woman with a gift for helping others truly hear their soul's voice.

I am already a certified professional coach and was looking for a specialized niche to life coaching. Having a passion to help others find their passion I discovered soul coaching. It was perfect for my practice. I found the soul coaching program to be the most intense inner cleansing program that I have ever taken. Not only does Denise teach you how to take others through the program and be a certified soul coach but also take a look at your own life ö your soul. It was transformational! I feel so much more confident and able to speak my truth. Being authentic is a gift and a gift that I received by being with Denise. I am so excited to be sharing the soul coaching program with my clients. Thank you Denise you have a beautiful and loving soul.

Cecilia Schukar, CPC
Professional Life Coach, Crystal Angels Coaching
Seattle, Washington

When I first saw the words "SOUL COACHING", I had no idea what it was but it invoked a very strong inner calling. I was compelled to answer the call and it turns out to be the greatest gift I could ever give myself. Denise's Soul Coaching® course is profound beyond words expression and her coaching is awesome. She is the Abbot of my inner Temple who "Gong" my bell within that wakes me into this inner journey which starts at forever and ends at never.

Kevin Cai
Business Executive

Dear Denise,
whole in my life I would be thankful, that I had the possibility to come to Summerhill Ranch. You create such a holy and safe place, that miracles could happened for me. I came to the course being short and afraid of lots of things and left your wonderful home feeling tall and strong. I will never forget playing the drums at the top of the hill, finding my spiritual stick and hearing the tree whispering to me.

When I came back to Germany my family and a lot of friends told me my eyes were shining, my way to walk was more erect and I looked so glorious.I felt at home while being at Summerhill Ranch and after that it even felt wonderfully being at home - that was a feeling I never had before. Normally, when I did coures coming home wasn't easy and I needed some days or weeks because the energy had been so different. Your Soul Coaching® is very grounding and the process is deep, but also gentle. I know, that my work as a Feng Shui consultant never can be the same, because now I can whisper to the soul of my client and deep in my heart I know, that this can change destiny. I'm grateful for especially you Denise, but also for Andy, Brigette, Doree, Deborah and Bruce, Michele, Sophia, David, the dogs creating such a incredible Soul Coach Family 7 and beeing so close to each Soul.

Love - always and forever

Barbara Amrhein-Krug
Schoellkrippen, Germany

Attending Denise Linn's Soul Coaching® training was one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself, and the greatest leap in my own soul development I have ever taken. From the nurturing, natural environment in which it was taught, the incredible other soul seekers who shared the journey with me, to being in Denise's powerful presence, I have not been the same since.

Denise is an incredibly powerful healer and teacher. She has the rare ability to bring out the best in each of her students, constantly challenging and beckoning us forward, supporting us in facing our blocks head-on--moving through them rather than around them--and helping us to come out on the other side victorious. Her integration of love, playful grace and beauty, and a demanding belief in the best within each person seem to be just the right combination for powerful transformation.

Everything about the experience, from the drumming circles on the top of the mountain at sunset, a plethora of yummy foods to begin each morning, creative activities and exercises, relaxing downtime in beautiful accommodations, and the incredibly challenging yet nurturing meditations and soul circles all made this Soul Coaching® training a monumentally powerful and cathartic experience.

Denise has the ability to psychically tune into each person with whom she works. She knows when to push hard, when to pull back, and when to encourage and cheer us on when we each venture into deep life altering territory. Soul Coaching® is like space clearing for the soul. It really, really works.

They say `when the student is ready, the teacher appears.' Well, Denise's loving and intuitive approach was just what I needed. And she appeared at just the right time in my life. I feel like she and her incredible training pushed me over a precipice in my own soul development and I am so grateful to now be on the other side.

All kinds of miraculous movement has happened in my life since taking the Soul Coaching® training and I am completely confident that Denise's powerful energy, and all the work I did while with her and since, have much to do with where I am today.

I am now working with my own clients and students in a new, much more powerful way, and feel more in synch with who I really am, why I am here, and the unique gifts I have to offer. I am intimately more aware of my soul's truth in each moment, and more courageous in honoring that truth than ever before. I got everything I was hoping for from this training and so much more.

My best description of Denise's Soul Coaching® training is that it is miraculous, cathartic and life changing--so be prepared! If you want to have the opportunity to step into your personal power in wonderful, almost magical ways, and while doing so, to be challenged and nurtured by someone who has been through it herself and is rooting for you every step of the way, then this training is for you.

I am eternally grateful, Denise! Thank you so much for being you, for showing up, for teaching by example, and for appearing just when I needed you most."

Laurie Smith
Titusville, New Jersey

Of all the workshops I have done in my life (and there are many) Denise was the first person I felt truly connected to my soul. She has the ability and wisdom to know exactly which path to take·leading each of us to our core. Denise is the most generous and gracious spirit and it has been an honor and privilege to be in her presence.

She welcomes you into her beautiful home with open arms. Everything is perfect from the beautiful soaps and gift bag to the beds, made with wonderful sheets and lots of pillows, to the meals, which were a celebration.

She creates an environment which allows us to feel so nurtured that the journey just unfolds in the most beautiful way!

Kris Halter
Feng shui consultant and Instructor
Akron, Ohio

Soul Coaching® by Denise Linn has empowered me to speak my own truth and "walk my talk" with inner strength and happiness. And somehow - I don't know how it works --- concerning my work as a teacher there is an influence on other people too, to step forward into their own truth. Using the program in my work as a soul coach I am happy to say that there are enough possibilities for me as a coach to add my own personal touch so it can be very special for the clients.

In my opinion, Denise Linn basically works for our planet-- Mother Earth. She helps people to find a way of harmony and wholeness within themselves and with their relations.

Ulrike Behre-Brandes
Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Soul Coaching® is an amazing program. I truly believe my life is transformed from having read this book and completed the Soul Coaching® certification program with Denise Linn. The benefits have been many but perhaps the most significant one for me has been a deep reconnection with the four elements on which the program is based- Air, Water, Fire and Earth.

As a feng shui consultant this greatly enhanced my practice. And as a person it has helped me to get to the root of my true essence. If you are seeking a powerful and lasting change in your life and are ready to study with a true Wise Woman, then look no further.

Donna Thompson
Teacher and Feng Shui Consultant
Sleepy Hollow, New York

Denise Linn is one of the most loving, wonderful, amazing beings I have ever encountered. She is also profound intuitive. I encourage anyone considering her Soul Coaching certification to enroll. Denise offers her mastery, her majesty and her humanity with a loving, affirmative, supportive approach.

Ronnie Foster
Simsbury, Connecticut

Denise Linn's Soul Coaching Seminar was the crucible for merging my life dreams and experiences and catapulting me into the job of my dreams. The training gave me the experience and tools for Soul Coaching and the confidence in myself to succeed. I learned how to be a guide and advocate for other people and for myself.

Denise is a master guide on many levels and it is an inspiration to be with her. She knows how to blend teaching with just the right amount of fun and humor, always with love and truth. I am forever grateful for Denise and her Soul Coaching seminar.

Julie Robinson
Health Product Sales, Motivational Speaker
Mill Valley, California

As time goes by, I can appreciate the gift I received from Denise even more. The Soul Coaching® seminar that she created is definitely a life altering experience. I've done a lot of inner work before and I thought that I almost figured it all out. During the seminar I had a few very strong experiences that showed me that my soul really wants something different from what I thought. Since that I found more harmony and happiness in my life than ever before. Denise helped me to love myself and others more and enabled me to communicate my love and care to others better.

Denise Linn has such a great heart and her ability to teach and open people hearts enabling them to see the truth are outstanding. It is so important, because we can be happy only if we live in truth with our hearts.

I can only add that being in Denise's presence is a magic experience and this magic keeps unfolding.

Natalia Kaylin
Feng Shui Practitioner
Westford, Massachusetts

Denise's Soul Coaching® program and training have been invaluable! By using her techniques, I made leaps in areas where I didn't even take baby steps before. What an awesome experience! This program is a must for anyone who is looking to dive deeper on their spiritual journey or wants to take action toward realizing a happier life. Way to go Denise!!

Kathy Nicholson
Professional Life Coach
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

Soul Coaching® has been a life-changing experience for me. As a result of my seminar with Denise Linn I received the strength and courage to move forward and find inner happiness. I gained the confidence to follow my heart now, for as she teaches, "If not now, when?" Thanks to Denise, I have created deeper meaning in my life and I am proud to say that I am practicing my true passion.

Joyce Parese
Feng Shui Practitioner
Northford, Connecticut

I embarked on the adventure of Soul Coaching® to gain experience to start a new career. I am ever so grateful for achieving that. But I have gained SO much more than I had ever imagined.

Seventeen months ago I gave birth to an angel - my daughter, Emmalie Rose. A week to the day after her birth my husband of fourteen months, Michael, passed away suddenly. I though I was going to die the pain was so immense. I lost myself. I went back to work thirteen weeks after this. Lost!

I knew deep down I was here for something BIG! I buried myself in books (spiritual, self help.) I ended my job in February and decided I wanted and deserved a better life. So I came to you for a new career. I did this and I woke up. I'm alive! I have experienced something magical! I am here to help and heal others.

Taking this course has transformed me and my life. It's like I'm a new person. I know my husband is with me always. I am ever so grateful to you, Denise, and the amazing group of people. I have bonded with many people and am so excited to start my new life with my new friends.

From my heart and soul I thank Denise!

Zandra Ianniello
Northford, Connecticut

I love singing and was in choirs as a child and teenager, but when I became an adult I got the message that I really didn't sing very well so even though I often thought about joining a choir again, it was just a vague longing. Well a week after I came home from Soul Coaching® I joined a women s choir. That has been so much fun I can't tell you.
Then I heard about an opportunity to take a workshop to study with a well known conductor and learn selections from Handel's Messiah. It sounded so wonderful but I thought I can't possibly go...I don't read music well -- and I definitely do not sight read. I was encouraged to go anyway and I signed up, despite my fear (or fantasy) that I would be revealed as an imposter and be asked to leave!!! It was so much fun and I did OK. I learned a lot about singing. We gave a gala performance at the end with a full orchestra and the full choir sounded beautiful and professional. I had not learned all of the pieces we sang to perfection but I did amazingly well for only two rehearsals and I had never sung the Messiah before!

Soul Coaching® is magical and thoroughly life transforming. Out of the many valuable lessons I learned, I would like to share my observations about facing my fears. I carried a list of possible negative outcomes around with me all the time and it weighed me down. I learned that being afraid was more of a personal loss to me than the potential of something 'bad' happening. Through Soul Coaching®, I learned that being afraid to take chances and step out of the comfort zone is universal. I am so grateful to the lessons Denise so graciously delivers, and I highly recommend Soul Coaching® to anyone interested in self growth. Miracles abound!

Deborah Redfern
Interior Alignment Practitioner and Teacher
British Columbia, Canada

Soul Coaching® by Denise Linn has profoundly change my life. Denise masterfully combines spiritual lessons with easy to follow daily homework to produce uplifting change much needed to reconnect and nurture the soul. I use Denise's suggestions daily as a nurse helping patients return to "wholeness" thus empowering their healing process.

Debbie Kaminski
Nurse and Alternative Health Seminar Leader
Shell Beach, California

Before I went through Soul Coaching® with Denise there were many things that I both wanted and needed to do , but that I never seemed able to effectively execute. Since my Soul Coaching® experience my life has begun to unfold smoothly and naturally. Things that I had previously perceived as obstacles simply do not exist anymore!"

Theresa Woodsong
Professional Life Coach
Austin, Texas

It was an honor to be able to learn how to be a Soul Coach from Denise Linn. Denise is an excellent instructor, and she shares so much of herself when she teaches. The fact that she invites her students to stay at her wonderful home is just one example of how giving she is of herself. The 28 day program that she has created gives the participants a relatively easy and very gentle way to re-examine their lives in a short period of time. Once the journey starts, it just continues to build up your self-esteem and help you get to know who you really are inside, so that you are able to re-evaluate your life on many levels. During my 28 day Soul Coaching® course (with Louise Klein), I was made aware of how much energy my old depressing business was stealing from me. I made the decision to sell it and begin to build a whole new life that is more in line with my values and my real talents. Part of the change was to become a certified Soul Coach myself.

Now, I love the work that I do. Soul Coaching® has given me the methods and tools I need to help other people change their lives.

Liz Rowell
Former Lobbyist for Fishing Industry, Feng Shui Practitioner, Healer
Charleston, Rhode Island

Dearest Denise

This 28 day experiential program is very user friendly, giving:

Structure within a flexible approach

Activities to communicate with the creative self (or Soul), and

Guidance and understanding from Denise's life experiences.

The rewards for me have been healing at a very deep level, freeing my soul and enabling me to do my souls work with increased intuition, self worth, self esteem, clarity, love, peace and joy. It is my belief, that the world will be healed as we ourselves are healed through the rippling effect of this program. It is with immense gratitude and honour that I offer this program to my community - thank you Denise!

Just to let you know, I start my first class on Sunday and I have 5 confirmed and 2 maybe's. My mother and daughter have signed up and I am so excited for them, and for us as a family!

Denise, you have assisted me in empowering myself and giving me tools to assist others to empower themselves. The building of my self esteem and self worth is what I have chosen to work through this life time and you have guided this process with such love - I am deeply grateful!

With love and gratitude, I am deeply honoured to have had the opportunity to work with you in this way, over these years - you will always be in my heart!


Forest Ranger
Blue Mountains, Australia

Soul Coaching® was an experience I will never forget. Besides learning about the many different techniques and approaches working with people to assist them on their divine soul purpose. For me it was an awareness and understanding to truly love all and judge none. This one experience in it self was worth more to me than any spiritual growth I could ever have experienced. I felt working with Dennis Linn to be therapeutically and witnessed members in the group to have also have growth immensely and cleared areas that were blocked for them. A truly recommendable experience not be missed by any.


Rosie Ismail
London, England

Since completing your course I have reached a far deeper meaning to my life. I felt supported and guided in getting in touch with the truth of my soul.

It allowed me to be clear with my true purpose in life (an inner struggle that had been going on for some time.) I have gone to a new level in accepting and loving myself and others unconditionally and this has brought magic to my life. I'm thankful for Denise for making such a difference in my life!

Maree Thomas
Executive Financial investor and Leader of Magical Wealth Seminars
Sydney, Australia

I am deeply grateful to Denise for sharing herself, her empowering perspective, and her beautiful home with me and our entire group during the recent Soul Coaching® 9 training.

Specifically, the training and the Soul Coaching® process allows me to envision myself with unlimited potentials and possibilities. Through bringing my authentic self home I affirm and bless ALL that I AM and ALL that I AM becoming while offering this in service to others.

Thank You!!!
In Spirit and In Love,

Debbie Mach
Dripping Springs, TX

If I were to have just one wish for each and everyone in the universe, it would be for all to experience the incredible, healing and loving presence of my dear teacher, Denise Linn.

Soul Coaching® will change your life in wonderful and mysterious ways, as it has mine!

Louise Ann Klein
Feng Shui Consultant and Teacher
Smithfield, Rhode Island

I feel so full. My soul is dancing, Thank you so much for your support and for holding the vision that I now walk towards.

Norma Lahainer
Psychotherapist, Group Leader
Branford, Connecticut

The most intuitively lead training ever! Miracles of emotional healing and increased "soul destiny" awareness happen constantly! This training is so much more than a deepening of the Soul Coaching® book. Denise models the true essence of soul coaching - being present for someone with such love and belief in their destiny that a new person is born.

Her intuition and constant connection with guidance is astounding. In the training you leave totally transformed, a different, more authentic being than you can ever imagine.

The majestic beauty of her home nestled in the hillside inspires you in the same transforming way Denise does. A truly miraculous journey of the soul!

Sharon Massoth, LCSW
Psychotherapist of 30 Years
Intuitive/Psychic Channel
Madison, Connecticut

Close your eyes, go back and just remember what it was like sitting down with your own bag of M&M's, taking your time, choosing a color, then popping one or two or an entire handful into your mouth.......this best describes my Soul Coaching® Certification Course experience with Denise. Do this for yourself, it'll be one of the most delicious experiences of your life.

Nancy Anderson
Health Care Professional
Lynnfield, Massachusetts

Thanks to the confidence I received from the Soul Coaching® experience last August, and the opportunity Denise gifted to me to get up with the microphone to speak to the entire group, I have embarked on a new teaching career!

Reuel Ari
Colon Therapist
Sedona, Arizona


I don't think there is enough I can express in appreciation for the life changing certification course called Soul Coaching®! As a feng shui practitioner, I felt that the Soul Coaching® course would assist me in working with my clients, and I also thought the process would be meaningful and useful myself. I really underestimated the benefits it has provided!

In my own personal life, I have come to understand many of the self-limiting structures I had imposed, and now have broken free! While it is a continuous journey, what I have learned and implemented into my daily life has brought me much more daily joy. I was even finally able to lose 35 pounds and structure my life to treat my body, mind and spirit in a truly respectful manner.

As a certification course, this has given me the opportunity to work with others bringing this same joy and light into their lives! I get emails and thank you's weekly from my soul coaching clients, and they keep me up to date with their new fabulous lives, even after the program is over.

The program is structured in a way that I can work with people one on one in my office, in small groups and even via email. You have provided the training that prepared me to make whatever venue I work in, a 'safe' space, and a nurturing journey. The powerful changes I have assisted others make in their lives has brought me great joy and a wonderful sense of purpose. I can't imagine what my life would be like now if I had not become a Certified Soul Coach.

LuAnn Cibik
Author, Seminar Leader, Interior Alignment Teacher
Leechburg, Pennsylvania

Dear Denise, It has taken a while to find the words to express my appreciation for my time with you at the Soul Coaching® course. The experience is deep in my being. It is now that I'm back to everyday life that I recognize just how MAGNIFICENT, GRAND, and POWERFUL the sacred and safe space that you created was. It really allowed me to expand my wings and soar. Yes,! I am free to get in touch with the true me. I know that this course has launched me into a glorious, glorious, beyond imagination future...a future that is unfolding moment by moment.

I'm so excited. I am deeply and profoundly grateful to you Denise.

Pat Murphy
Executive, Benefactor
Wappingers Falls, New York

Thank you for the most remarkable time on your ranch. You have heard it before but the Soul Coaching® course was so intensive and life changing I don't have the words to express my feelings. Thank you!

Barbara Weibye
Business Owner
Snaroeya, Norway

Denise's Soul Coaching® course is like a breath of fresh air for the brightness of the soul. Together with Denise's knowledgeable, gentle, wise and joyful guidance, I leaped into a stellar realm of possibility.

This wasn't just a course ... it was a gift. Great gifts deserved to be shared. I feel such a brilliant and beautiful sense of purpose and passion to be able to gift the benefits of Soul Coaching to others, as they gift themselves with the glory of their true inner soul.

Thank you Denise. Your light and radiance is felt in the whispers of the wind, the waves of the water, the flames of the earth and the essence of the earth. Keep doing what you do.

Justine Espenant
Artist, Healer
Ottawa, Canada

The Soul Coaching® training continues to resonate as I return to my everyday life ... except that I know I have been changed in such a fundamental and powerful way that my life will never be the same again. For me, this was the missing piece that has enabled me to integrate all my previous training and go deeper than ever before. Inspired by Denise's warmth and wisdom, our group went on an extraordinary journey together. We shared joy and laughter, challenges and breakthroughs, and a most profoundly transformational experience. If you're thinking about doing this course, all I can say is do it – I guarantee it will be the best investment you will ever make in

Judith Waller
Professional Coach, Business Consultant
Melbourne, Australia

Dear Denise,
Thank you so very, very much for these amazing days at the abundance oasis of Summerhill Ranch! You really are the true goddess of love and abundance. You give us loving gifts in every sense of the word, and live as you teach with joy, heart, love, nature and you let the truth of the soul sparkle....
Thank you again for giving us this amazing opportunity to dive into ourselves and for the possibility of releasing others into their true selves!
Anna Luna

 Dear Denise,
...Thank you for being a wonderful Giver of Abundance. The abundance of love, ideas, laughs, food, gifts and the ability to allow people to heal and grow in their own way is an amazing event to be a part of.
Thank you so much for being so comfortable in your skin with a heart as big as the Universe. Thank you.
Love and Hugs,
Char Jung
North Dakota

 Denise Linn is a phenomenal healer and guide. Becoming a Soul Coach with Denise Linn has allowed me to reconnect with my own brilliance and joy!
Laurie Larson,
Political Consultant
Washington, DC

Dearest Sweet Denise,
I am so deeply grateful for the most amazing, magical time at Summerhill Ranch. How do I find more words to express my gratitude to you—there are no more words—so at this moment from my heart to yours I am flooding you with my love to you.
I know you say God only sends you the best people, but she is one of those extra special ones.
Also I wanted to say how grateful I am for the incredible, amazing birthday party that you held for me during the course!!! Wow!!!! How magical it was!!! It really touched the inner child within me it is such an incredible, warm, sparkly, magical feeling!
 Sonja Schramm,
Toronto Canada.

Words seem so inadequate after the depth of feeling and changes that have occurred for me over the nine days of the Soul Coaching® Certification course. Energy shifts on an extremely deep level have allowed me to reconnect with the earth as we went through Denise's wonderful program.The experiential learning style used has helped me to regain the confidence I thought I had lost.
The beautiful setting, the variety of learning techniques used, the magical connections and rapport with the other participants all combined to make this a memorable experience and has given me the impetus to change my life.
Most of all though, I am so appreciative of Denise. ( As a Master Teacher you are the best!) We all appreciated Denise's honesty and humor. She is indeed an exceptional teacher. I will attempt to be as inspirational to others.
On a more personal note--Denise: I thank you again and again for being the instrument to help me refocus my life, not once but many times through your books, teachings and inspirational spirit. You are much loved.
Tess Tunnell B.A. Ed. M.A.
Reiki Master Teacher
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

The Lord's “miracles” and “transformation” are the first ones that pop into my head when thinking about my wonderful, tremendous, meaningful and moving experience during Soul Coaching® Certification training with Denise Linn, but they are not enough. I must add “love”, “connections” and “joy” as well. Probably more- actually- but it is difficult to put such emotions into words.
This was simply a defining and beautiful experience. Thank you Denise!!! While I was sad to leave, I felt truly blessed and full to know that I am connected to these extraordinary people and sacred place for the rest of my life. I cannot begin to recommend this program highly enough with words. Know that it will change you in great and unexpected ways—and improve your life—simple as that.
And…I'm not sure I really believe in past lives and all—but whew—do they work to help change your thoughts—so that's really cool! Who knew?
Elise Rebmann 
Sales Consultant
Edwardsville, Illinois

My Soul coaching Journey on Summerhill Ranch with Denise Linn brought everything together in such a delicious, accepting and allowing and judgment free manner that my life's meaning and purpose changed in the silent breath of her whisper and profoundly continues to touch my soul.
Johnnye Jones Gibson
Author and Life Coach
San Francisco Bay Area

From day one, Denise opened her heart and her home to be fully present for all sixteen of us who came to train as Soul Coaches. Denise's ability to make each one of us feel complete with our training was remarkable, considering we were also slowly integrating as a supportive group-- also with Denise's guidance. She intuitively connected with those who needed a voice and as a result we all grew.
Denise is a gifted teacher as she guides one to their own truth, empowering all attendees to bask in confidence that he/she will be “more than enough” as Soul Coaches. Through Soul Journey meditations I was able to discover deep meaning in my life and a deeper sense of my life's purpose. At all time, myself and others felt completely supported and safe to complete processes that revealed so much more our soul had to tell us.
Denise's workshop environment and style is positive, loving and direct; creating opportunities for quantum leaps in learning. I cannot thank her enough for providing sacred space for a group of strangers to come together and become part of her amazing Soul Coach and Linn family.
We'll always be connected. With love and gratitude,
Debra Kleck
Winery Owner
Paso Robles, CA

Dear Denise,
Thank you for the wonderful program, and for inspiring me to go forth as I am, to know that I am good enough and ready for my work. Thank you for asking me what it was that I had been putting off; it has changed the course of my life.
 I am in the process now of writing two books and loving remembering that I am a writer. That week I spent at Summerhill Ranch was dreamlike, and what I liked the best was knowing that I was in your dream come to life. It helped me understand what is possible.
I think what I benefited the most was from your ability to embrace it all, instead of aiming to perfect in all moments.  You lead by example in being authentic, powerful, wonderfully spiritual, hilarious, and full of life. . . . a truly empowered human being. I think that was the highlight for me—beginning to understand that I don't have to be perfect—that I am worthy to live my passion and help others. I am blessed that I was able to attend and am grateful for all the amazing change that has taken place since. Thank you so much for it all.
Colleen Overman

Denise Linn is an incredible master teacher and guru!  Her Soul Coaching® Certification Program has profoundly changed my life. 
I pragmatically signed up for the course to become a Soul Coach.  Little did I know how completely she would touch my own soul.  Denise shares her wealth of knowledge and experience with wisdom, humor, and grace.  I felt very safe and supported during my time at the enchanted Summerhill Ranch.  She has created a wondrous environment conducive to both educational and spiritual growth.  Her generous and loving nature meets the individual needs of her students.  I left the program feeling absolutely empowered with the knowledge and curriculum to begin my soul's work as a certified soul and past life coach.  Thank you, Denise, for being you!
Vicki Keeran-Pearson
El Cajon, CA

I want to thank Denise Linn for being a great teacher!  Providing a beautiful and loving environment in which to learn and grow, I've not only had improvements in my health, but also in moving forward in my life.  I am making positive changes that allow me to focus on what is really important.  I can't imagine anything else that would have given me so much!
I strongly encourage anyone who is looking to help themselves and/or others, to make this investment in yourself.  The only thing you'll regret is that you didn't do it sooner!
Enjoy the journey,
Shannon Oehmke 

My experience at Denise Linn's Soul Coaching® Certification Program reached me on every level of my being!  I learned “up close and personal” how vital the role of a Soul Coach is and how my life was changed in ways I couldn't have expected from a course. 
I am grateful for the amazing impact of our group and the heartfelt Soul Lessons that I will access for years to come. Soul Coaching® is more than a course or profession; it is pure energy that will resonate from the inside out and beyond…once you receive the gifts and share them!
Denise, your energy and expertise made a profound contribution in my life and career path. 
Thank You!
Carolyn Himes
Costa Mesa, California

You have changed my life completely.  Words could never express the deep love I hold for you in my heart.
I originally signed up for your course because I wanted to
pursue this work. However, what I received from you at Summerhill Ranch was a rapid shift in my mind and in my heart and I truly feel reconnected to my own soul.
Just watching you—the way you live, the way you speak, the way you smile—was just the inspiration I needed to embark on a new journey of my own.   I KNOW that I want to re-gift this experience to other people. Now more than ever I want to reach out to other people and share my love and heart, my knowledge and life experience with them so that I can help to uplift them the way that you have uplifted me.
My happiest moment was watching you sing in the drum circle. You are so beautiful in that setting and in that light.  You are a modern day tribe-leader and I am proud to become a part of this very special network that you have created. It feels so right and I am so happy and at peace knowing that there are others out there in the world sharing their light and raising the consciousness of the planet.
I also enjoyed my special moments alone with you and that special song.... "I Go Where True Love Goes" will always be in my head when I think of you.
Also, your style of teaching was nothing short of genius. Somehow, the order in which you present the material and exercises, etc. really makes things click fast! I changed inside and out!  THANK YOU so much for creating this Certification Course. I can now begin my career with confidence.
Personally, I want to explain to you SOME of the things that occurred for me while at the ranch:

  • My relationship with my Mother is HEALED.
  • My son who was not speaking is NOW speaking in complete sentences and his autistic tendencies have VANISHED into thin air. My first day back he received a note home from the teacher that said (Avery had an awesome day!) WOW!!!!!!
  • Next, I lost FIVE pounds overnight!
  • My memories of my brother came back to me when there was only a blank screen in my mind for the last 13 years where he was concerned. I was able to honor his life and memory instead of ignore what happened.
  • I gained a deep respect for my Mom after meeting Solveig.
  • I am able to SING. I am able to DANCE. I am able to SMILE again!
  • Most of all, I CAN make eye contact again without feeling like I'm going to faint.
  • My heart is open and I am not using other people to beat myself up anymore.
  • People are reacting to me so differently. It is so ODD. So cool.

I could go on and on but really.....just know that I love you and I loved my time at the ranch and I would do it again! (How about mini reunion?) That would be FUN!
My life will never be the same! This was the best thing I have ever done for myself!
Now, I am certified both as a Soul Coach and a Past Life Regression Therapist. But even more important than that....I am back to me again thanks to you, Denise!
 I met so many new friends. I enjoyed the food immensely. I loved Sadie and Pepper and the chickens, and Muse! I loved the "Magical Moments" time, the drum circle, catching the sunset on top of the mountain. What can I say? Magic happened for me at Summerhill Ranch!
I would do it again just for the experience! I miss my walks up to the sanctuary. This was the best time of my life. Thank you!
Love always,

We have the distinction of being the first family to attend Denise Linn's Soul Coaching® Class. Our daughter is 24 years old-I wish I could have been in this “spiritual place” at her age. What an incredible gift! Even though it took me much longer in my life to experience this journey; I am so very grateful that I did.
It is difficult for me to express in words the deep emotions I'm feeling. If your desire is to heal yourself and to help other, I highly recommend visiting Summerhill Ranch. Denise will take you on a journey that far exceeds your expectations!
Nancy Thelen
Marketing Director
Elkhorn, WI

I've been searching for answers and found them at Denise's Professional Soul Coaching® Certification Course, my Soul healed and now I can help others. Truly Inspirational! Heartfelt! Thank you, Denise.
Nicki Fiander
London, England

Denise's wisdom, guidance and love are openly shared through her Soul Coaching® Program. I feel honored to have learned from a master-she is a master. If you desire to live life at a deeper level and/or deepen the awareness of what you bring to others' lives—Soul Coaching is for you.
Magic happens during these courses and my personal growth and awakening has taken a dramatic and divine leap forward. I am honored to share Soul Coaching® with my family, friends and clients. This course is divine guidance and delivered by the master herself. If you are ready to live in joy … Soul Coaching® is your window and guide.
Marianne MacKenzie
Life Coach
Austin, Texas


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